Officer Responsibilities

Duties of the President

  • Coordinate and plan the Association conference and meeting; including location, dates, costs, and agenda
  • Presiding over all business meetings of the Association
  • Acting as spokesperson for the Association and presenting resolutions adopted by the Association
  • Coordinating all action and communication on resolutions and/or motions developed by the Association
  • Acting as general manager of the Association
  • Ensuring publication of the Association Newsletter

Duties of the 1st Vice President

  • Assisting the President with administrative /management tasks
  • Planning for the next year’s conference

Duties of the 2nd Vice President

  • Assisting the President with administrative/management tasks
  • Conducting the annual survey of states for publication and release at the annual conference

Duties of the Secretary

  • Keeping all correspondence of the Association and minutes of the meetings
  • Ensuring that approved Association  business policies and procedures are followed

Duties of the Treasurer

  • Establishing a checking account under the Association’s name, and include President and Vice President as signers on the account
  • Ensuring the collection of all fees or monies due to the Association and payment of all bills incurred by the Association from the monies collected
  • Ensuring the timely filing of relevant tax and corporate paperwork
  • Ensuring that approved Association business policies and procedures are followed
  • Provide a list of states that have paid their annual dues for purposes of voting at the final business meeting during the annual conference
  • Send quarterly bank statement to President and Vice President
  • Order the item/gift that will be presented to the out-going President at the final business meeting

Duties of the UCR Liaison

  • The Association will elect an active member as the Association Liaison once every three years.  The election shall take place during the second year of service of the currently serving liaison at the annual conference.  The Association will pay travel costs for the incoming liaison for attendance to the fall UCR Subcommittee meeting and the fall Advisory Policy Board meeting.
  • The responsibilities of the Association Liaison include:
    • May represent the Association at the annual Justice Research and Statistics Association Conference, National Crime Mapping Conference, summer and winter SEARCH meetings, the International Association of Crime Analysts annual meeting, or at other meetings as determined by the President and the Board of Directors
    • Represent the Association for the APB process and be a voting member on the CJIS UCR Subcommittee.  In the event the Liaison cannot attend a meeting, the President shall name an alternate to represent the Association.
    • Prepare a report(s) for the Association Newsletter on all meetings attended
    • Present a review of the meeting(s) attended at the Association’s annual conference
    • Assist the President in the publication of the Association Newsletter

Duties of the Coordinating Committee

  • Ensure continued coordination during the year between the members of the Association on state program concerns and gather input to issues that affect the Association
  • Assist the President in periodically corresponding with Association members on those concerns and issues in which the committee become involved
  • Assist the President in determining the agenda for the annual conference, including but not limited to workshops, trainer, and speakers affiliated with the criminal justice community
  • Present proposed amendments to the Association Bylaws to the full membership at the annual business meeting for consideration
  • The Coordinating Committee shall conduct a yearly audit of previous year Association’s final year-end treasurer’s report at the annual conference and report any findings or discrepancies to the active membership